campfire starter

firestarter campfire dragon

See the Campfire Dragon in action.

Get a roaring fire going in minutes by focusing your breath right where it feeds the flames.
Blow tube for starting campfires.
Campfires, fireplaces, fire pits.
Reusable and non-toxic.
Fits in a pocket.
Works every time. Guaranteed.
Made in Minnesota in the USA since 2005.

Campfire Dragon is a proud sponsor of
Leave No Trace Minnesota
and supports the Leave No Trace principle of
"Minimize Campfire Impact"
by allowing users to keep fires small and providing for full combustion of all solids.

Where's YOUR Dragon?

backyard campfire

Whenever you're out in the woods and it comes time to build a fire, one of the questions someone you're with may ask is: "Where's the Campfire Dragon?" Here's one in a wood shed by a backyard firepit. While you could build a fire without it, why would you?


backyard campfire

This is what it looks like when a bunch of Campfire Dragons hang out together. It's like a Campfire Dragon party. A bunch of real dragons hanging out is called a Pride of Dragons - or cooler yet - a Thunder of Dragons.


lighting a campfire

Instagram - post a photo on Instagram along with a story about your Campfire Dragon to #wheresYOURdragon and #CampfireDragon



100% Fatwood.
All-Natural Firestarter.
Harvested from remnant stumps of the long-leaf pine.
Along with the Campfire Dragon, it's a surefire way to get a fire going and keep it going.

Dragon's Breath Kindling is not available for purchase online, but is sold exclusively in store at Duluth Pack in Duluth, MN, Sawbill Outfitters in Tofte, MN and Lake Superior Trading Post in Grand Marias, MN. You can find it in Trip Bundles, 6-packs of single-use packages, and in the Campfire Dragon Tinder Kit, coming soon. For more information, please Contact Us.

campfire starter
Campfire Dragon is a surefire way to get a fire going and keep it going.